Dog Zen

Great companions for life

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Strengthening the bond with man’s best friend, one pup at a time has been our core focus over the last 6 months, as we truly bring the wider brand and website to life for the Dog Zen team.

Project highlights

Getting to work with video and imagery of many four-legged friends was the best part of this project for our whole team.

We were able to connect with a client who have incredibly similar values to our agency, and find a wonderful synergy in our working relationship.

We were able to flex our muscles with this project combining a full offering; brand, custom illustrations, website, ecommerce, online courses and many back-end integrations.

"Absolutely thrilled with the website that Kōwhai has built for us! It is unique, beautiful, functions perfectly and has hugely improved how we present our brand to the world."

– Alisa Keall-Grant | Community & marketing manager

"We couldn’t recommend the experience of working with Kōwhai more heartily. We interviewed a few different companies and are so relieved we went with them. They really did make it a great experience and we are so happy with the result."

– Alisa Keall-Grant | Community & marketing manager