Emily Reizinger

Co-Director & Senior Creative

Emily is our lead creative for brand, strategy and marketing. She works closely with clients every step of the way, ensuring quality results and long-term relationships. Her experience across industries as a graphic designer, illustrator, freelancer, and educator means she understands business - and design - from all angles.

Emily's passionate about helping business owners scale, adapt and succeed through creative solutions. She's also mum to our office pooch, Harvey!

Abby Marriott

Co-Director & Senior Creative

Abby is our lead for website design, development and digital creative, with a passion for strategy and business development. With extensive industry experience across graphic design, website design and strategy work, her passion has grown with every project. Abby enjoys problem-solving and using creative outcomes to overcome her client's challenges.

Abby takes a holistic, in-depth design approach, sharing her expertise to help clients understand and leverage how design can improve outcomes throughout their business.

Hanna Ymbong

Junior Designer

Hanna is our talented Junior Graphic Designer. She helps develop strategic brands, create digital and print content and has a keen eye for typography. Her curiosity is leading her to explore photography, motion graphics, and furthering her brand development skills.

Hanna shares in our passion of helping bring our clients visions to life. She truly embodies the spirit of a designer: always curious, always creating, and always ready to take on a new challenge.


Office pooch

Harvey is our very loyal, biscuit-loving office pooch who loves to keep us all on our toes. Creative block? Give Harvey some pats. Sick of looking at your screen? Take Harvey for a stroll around the city.

We love his playful energy and love for inner city adventures during the week. His office hours are generally Monday's, Thursday's and Friday's, so, if you're in for a meeting on one of those days you might be lucky enough to enjoy some pats!

Our team

Our co-directors, Abby and Emily, first met while studying together in 2015, and kept in touch over the years for support, connection and plenty of coffee! In early 2022 the Iconic Moment happened: during a design summit, the pair realised they shared the same vision, passion and commitment to customer experiences. 

Somewhere up in the clouds a giant lightbulb went on - and Kōwhai Creative was born.


Abby Marriott

Abby is a professional graphic designer with extensive in-house and freelance design experience. Despite years in the industry, her passion for design has never faded - in fact, it’s grown with each project! Abby loves helping businesses reach their goals and knowing that her expertise has made a tangible difference to her clients.

Abby takes a holistic, in-depth design approach, sharing her expertise to help clients understand and leverage how design can improve outcomes throughout their business. 


Emily Reizinger

Emily is an experienced designer with a passion for mentoring clients to help them unleash the potential in their business. Emily’s background as a freelancer, in-house designer and an educator mean she understands business - and design - from all angles.

Emily is brimming with artistic talent and is a keen illustrator and photographer. She especially loves experimental design and the playful, illustrative side of branding.


The wider KC family

Sometimes our client’s needs extend beyond design. We’ve developed a network of local experts to seamlessly execute every element of a project. We’ve chosen our creative partners carefully, and have strong long-term relationships with each and every one of them.

From videography to printing, copywriting to marketing support, we can access expertise for every aspect of design, marketing and branding. If you have any extra requirements let us know, we are always happy to bring in one of our creative partners for a project.

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