Our offering
We offer three different services, or a combination of them all, depending on your needs. As a solutions-focused studio, we start all projects with an introductory, no obligation catch up to discuss your needs, learn about your business, and see how we can best help you.
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Design Support

At Kōwhai Creative, supporting locals is one of the studio’s pillars. We offer this option for businesses who need regular design work completed, yet employing a designer isn’t in your budget or business plans.

In short, we are here when you need us! This has proven the most popular option for our new clients. For smaller jobs that require expert design in a quick turnaround time, this is your best option.
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Online Presence

In this day and age, having a website that is mobile-friendly is a non-negotiable, which is why this is a focal point for us. We tailor online packages to directly reflect your needs, budget and business direction.

Whether you’re ready to take the digital lead in your field, want to dive into the world of e-commerce or simply want to give your current website a facelift - we have all of your needs covered.
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Branding Package

A good foundation for start-ups to medium-sized businesses. Starting here means working from the ground up. A brand package may include: logo design, business cards, brochures, car wraps, print material, signage and social content.

By creating a unified brand across all platforms, your business will immediately feel professional and trustworthy to potential clients.
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