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February 2020

Meegwai Productions |

Branding Package

Branding material & website

We worked with Meegwai Productions to overhaul their branding and refresh their website. We kept base elements (such as their logo) and created a whimsical and on-brand style to roll out across different platforms. We looked at colour, fonts, audience and reach to create a comprehensive style to use throughout the business.
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The process

Revamping the brand

This project with Meegwai Productions meant that we were able to build their brand from the ground up. We identified areas that needed improvement alongside the website (such as business cards and consistency across digital media). Once the brand style was created, we worked through the improvements list creating the supporting material. It was great to work with Meegwai and be able to bring their vision to life for them. We enjoy continuing to work with them on an ongoing basis to continue this branding journey and support their design needs.
"We feel very lucky that we found Kōwhai Creative. Abby finished our incomplete website, updated and finessed the whole thing. She had great ideas and knew how to make the most of what was already there, adding excellent design choices. She is extremely knowledgeable about current digital marketing trends and user-friendly designs. We felt very strongly that we were in good hands and our website was very current and attractive. As both of us are not very tech savvy, it was incredibly comforting to have someone who was patient, positive and excited about our business, as well as being responsive, professional and reliable. We were so happy with the work she completed for us."

Palette development

Colouring the brand

Drawing on the roots of Meegwai Productions, deep velvety red was the colour that made sense and truly represented where the brand had been and where it was going. This was paired with a deep teal highlight colour and both a light and dark grey to accentuate the main colours across all platforms.