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November, 2020

Loan Market Paramount |

Brochure Design

First Home Buyers Guide

As an ongoing design support client, this is just one project of many. While creating this informative booklet, we struck a balance between the information being serious and exciting. This booklet has now helped hundreds of people understand the home buying process in New Zealand.
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The process

Informative Design

The particular project for Loan Market required us to take a lot of information that can often be hard to understand and display it as an informative booklet for Kiwi first home buyers. We utilised flowcharts, large titles, and areas for notes to make it as much of a workbook as it is a brochure. We emphasised the importance of getting in touch with the Loan Market team throughout the pages, so that clients would feel at ease getting in touch with them if needed.
“I have worked with Abby for more than a year now and she is very professional, highly trustworthy and responsive. I can highly recommend her to anyone looking to use her service.”

Palette development

Colouring the brand

With the Loan Market palette already in use, we paired a high-contrast orange, dark grey and white to really highlight the information required.