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Design Support Projects

As an on-going client, we have worked with Bushman Tours on a variety of projects over the past 3 years. Below are a selection of our favourites. Check out the website and even book yourself an adventure.
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The process

Designing for tourism

Over the past 3 years, we have worked closely with Bushman Tours to design many aspects of the business, however the main focus has always been tourism in New Zealand. We have created a solid style guide, which we have used to design various online icons, imagery and even job advertising. We have been able to use these projects to grow the team, expand Bushman Tours’ online reach and continue to help build this national brand.

Palette development

Colouring the brand

The Bushman Tours colour palette has been developed to really represent the brand meaning. Starting with the BT purple in the early days, this has now developed to include a stunning complimentary teal, a bright highlight lemon and a deep base grey.