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July, 2019

Barefoot Banditz |

E-commerce site build

Boutique online store

This e-commerce website build was a great project for us to transform Katie’s business. We worked closely to ensure that her vision was always represented exactly as she had seen it. We combined incredible imagery and strong colours to give her a robust online store to sell her swimwear and accessories.
See live website

The process

Creating the platform

This build helped to transform Katie’s business and allowed her to scale quickly. By having a website with a store function, she was able to reach customers worldwide, instantly. As her sales grew, so did the website with new products and collections added along the way. A professional looking website meant Katie’s customers could see her brand as one they could trust, with products worth taking seriously. And most important, they bought her swimwear - the ultimate goal.
"Working with Kōwhai Creative has transformed the way I sell my swimwear. My gorgeous e-commerce site has increased my sales massively. Abby was able to see my vision and hone in on exactly what was important. I can't recommend Kōwhai Creative enough!"

Palette development

Colouring the brand

This project had a very clear concept from day one, and so the colours had to reflect this. A collection of such vibrant swimwear patterns and bright images needed a colour palette that could compliment them. A strong sea turquoise, with dusty sunset rose and a bold dark grey were the building blocks for the theme used today.