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November, 2020

Awemed Health |

Product Brochure

Catalogue for medical devices

We worked with Awemed Health to curate and create an advertising booklet for selling their products. After investigating both purpose and audience, the booklet was designed, printed and continues to be distributed today.
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The process

Designing for sales

This project with Awemed Health had a clear audience, need and in turn, solution. With a base logo to work from, the style came together relatively quickly and was soon able to be incorporated with the booklet’s core information. We created a variety of symbols and devices derived from Awemed’s core branding to feature throughout the booklet. This new styling can be carried out across future advertisements.
"It is my pleasure to share my positive experience working with Abby Marriott. Our company’s marketing needs included designing and printing a product brochure for our clients and partners. While discussing this with Abby, I received lots of recommendations and suggestions in terms of content, design, budget etc. We ended up revising the project several times until it reflected what I really needed. During implementation of this job, there were lots of changes made from our end in terms of content and imagery, so the project was interesting until the end. As a result, our company obtained wonderful, stylish brochures which comply with our company’s brand in full. The project was completed within the budget. I have to say that Abby is a very responsible and reliable person. She is an experienced, creative and extremely patient designer. We would be happy to work with her in the future. I feel confident in recommending Kōwhai Creative’s products and services."

Palette development

Colouring the brand

With a bold blue and vibrant red originating from the Awemed Health logo, the main palette colours were already chosen. We paired these with a dark grey and off-white to really highlight the bold main colours. We chose blue to be the primary colour for this brand and used the vibrant red as a highlight tone throughout the booklet.