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January, 2021

Private Client |

Book Design

Book design for a kiwi memoir

Working on this piece of New Zealand history was a fantastic process. Our client came to us with nothing but a text file and a vision. We spent our time combining the memoir with appropriate imagery, styling and colours to bring the text to life and to make sure we got it right for the client. The end result was fantastic.
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The process

Storytelling through design

The process for this project went incredibly well. We contracted a copy-editor to clean up the text to create a final copy before creating a style and then formatting the book. In the development phase of this project, we looked at what colours were relevant to the testimony and the time period. We looked at textures, visual devices and symbols that would highlight the memoir in the best way possible. Every inch of this book has been crafted with meaning behind it to accentuate the memoir and the stories it has to tell. We worked with a local printery to support local business and to ensure that we could be involved in the final process.
"I have had a lot of complimentary remarks about your design and layout of my book."

Palette development

Colouring the brand

The primary colours for this project Are a deep sea blue and burnt orange, supported by a mid-blue tone and light grey. The blue tones are used through the book to mark new chapters, the highlight captions and mark the page numbers. These blues are a reference to the client’s time spent on the sea and watching the sky above while serving the Navy. The burnt orange tone compliments this blue palette and accentuates the pull quotes and diagrams throughout.